Belkin Range Setup

In the times of the internet, the speed and range of a network matter the most. So, why not take the best range extenders? Belkin Range is one of the best extenders that helps in boosting existing WiFi signals to a long extent and can be used wirelessly as well. There is no need for cables for connectivity. You just need to perform the Belkin Range Setup via the IP Address.


Wondering how to perform Belkin range setup? No need to worry! This guide will help you with the complete Belkin extender Setup so that you can enjoy your network seamlessly. So, let’s start with the journey!

Belkin Setup

Keep these Things Ready

Before you start the Belkin range Setup, there are certain things that you must complete as prerequisites as it would help you out at the later stage of the setup. Therefore, you must keep the following things ready with you!

Belkin range extender Setup
      • WiFi Range Extender
      • Network SSID and Password for the existing WiFi router
      • Uninterrupted network
      • Wireless Network enabled system
      • If you are having a dual-band network, then you should have the network SSIDs, and passwords for both 2.4GHz, and 5 GHz.

So, you must have these things ready in hand so that you can complete the Belkin setup in no time, or truly say, just in a few minutes. Now, if you are ready with all those things, you can continue with the Belkin range extender Setup steps discussed in the next section.

Steps for Belkin Range Setup

The steps for any router setup are very easy. The only thing you need to take care of is that you should follow each and every step carefully without missing a single thing. Only then, your Belkin setup would be successful. Therefore, let’s follow every step one by one. In this guide, the Belkin range setup has been explained for the dual bands using http belkin range to start the setup wizard. In case, you were doing the Belkin extender setup for the single bandwidth, then you have to cancel out the one bandwidth.

  • Connect the WiFi Range Extender to the power supply. The Range Extender place should be that it must be in the range of the existing WiFi router.
  • Now, start your WiFi-enabled device, like a laptop, PC, or tablet.
  • As it is required to connect with the Extender’s network, therefore, in the list of available networks, look for the extender. setup network, and connect to it. Wait for the device to be connected to it before starting the further procedure.
  • Open the Web Browser in your system, and in the URL field of your device, type HTTP Belkin range web address to access the Belkin range login admin page. In case, this address won’t work, then type “”, as the default private IP address in the URL field.
  • After this, the Router’s official web page will open. Click on the Get Started link on the page.
  • It will automatically look for the existing router’s ID.
  • Now, select the name of the existing WiFi network which you want to extend. On the selection of the network, click over the Next button.
  • After this step, Refresh the list of available networks. The name for the Extender’s network will show up.
  • Wait for some time to connect to that network. 

  • In case, the option is open to entering the password for the network, then enter the default ones that have been described over the box.

Note: If you forget the Belkin range extender login details, you have to perform a Belkin range extender reset to recover it. 

  • Click on the Next button, and wait for some time, so that network could authenticate the password.
  • In case, you are selecting the dual-band, then you need to select the second wireless network, as the bandwidth is mentioned along with the name.

Note: If the orange light on the Belkin extender starts blinking it means your device is configured properly.

  • In case, your router is supporting the single bandwidth, then only 2.4 GHz will be shown in the list, and then connect to that only.
  • The network information will be displayed on the Extended network screen. In case, there is a need to edit some of the information, then click on the Edit button. Otherwise, click on Create Extended Network.
  • With this, your configuration for the Belkin Range Extender is complete. In case, you want to save the information for the extender’s network, then there is an option to print this information. So, you can do that. At belkin.range/setting_start.asp, you can change the setting of the Belkin extender according to the requirements.

No More Poor Network Issues!

That’s it! Your Belkin Range setup is completed successfully using the IP address and you can use your network as you want with the Belkin Range Extender. Therefore, there you can complete all your work without any interference due to network issues. Now, you can enjoy your movies without buffering, or you can complete all your written assignments without being signed out, and you can attend your online meetings without getting a message-poor connection. Therefore, complete all your work without any more poor network issues!